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Choosing Solar Power as a "Green" Solution in Stamford, CT

When you choose solar electricity, this is the best choice for the environment as it does not produce any pollution, it's environmentally green!  Not only does it provide a much cleaner tomorrow, but it also saves you money and the hassle of rising electricity costs from your local utility company therefore making it economically green as well. If you have considered solar electricity for your home, you have come to the right place.  Continue reading to learn more about how solar works, how you can take advantage of state incentives and how you can get a free quote and start saving today!

How Solar Works

Solar Panels - the panels are made of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight to DC electricity.  As long as the sun is shining, your panels are converting solar energy. However, enable to get the power needed to turn lights on in your house, an inverter is needed. 
Inverter - this device is what takes the DC electricity and turns it into AC electricity.  It's typically installed on the exterior of your home or in the garage. 
Target Solar Meter - this meter monitors the production and sends the data to Flockgen via a wireless signal.  This allows Target Solar to detect problems or irregularities ASAP.
Main Electric Service Panel - solar electricity from the inverter flows to the panel and then into your home.  If you generate more energy than you use, it flows into the utility grid and you rake in solar credits. 
Net Meter - this measures the amount of energy you draw from the grid and how much extra energy you push into it.  When you use less energy than you make, you get credit from the utility company.  

Now that you are an expert on how solar energy works, call now for your free estimate or click here to get a free quote.  

Getting Started

Once you have decided to look into solar energy for your home, it's hard to know where to start.  When you give us just a few minutes on the phone with an experienced consultant, we will be able to determine if your home is a good match and we will be able to provide you with a free, customized quote and diagram of your new system. However, if we don't feel that we can save you money then we will tell you that too.  Most customers save 20% on their electric bill.  (solar systems are eligible for 30% federal tax credit and up to 18% additional state).
Before your installation begins, we will visit with you to review your current bill, learn about your energy needs and customize a system just for you.  We will also work together to choose the right panels, determine the best payment plan (buying or leasing) and begin the solar process.  Then you'll sign the agreement to lock in the low energy costs for the next 20 years.  

Design & Installation

Once you have signed the agreement, you're ready for installation of your solar energy panels.  And the best part?  We take care of everything!  If you should have questions before. during or after installation, we will be here to assist.  
Site Assessment - a technician will visit your home to confirm the system design, take measurements and adjust for shading &/or obstructions.  (Timing: 1-2 weeks)
Design Approval - Once the site assessment is complete, we will email you the design for final approval.  (Timing 1-3 weeks)
Permitting - Once the design is approved, we will submit it to the city for permits.  (Timing: 2-8 weeks)
Installation - Once the permit is granted, we will get working on placing your panels.  (Timing 2-5 days)
City/County Inspections - Once the panels are installed, the city/county will do a final inspection before your panels can be connected (Timing: 1-4 weeks)
Utility Interconnection - Once the final inspection is completed, we will submit your documents to the utility company & they'll install a net meter allowing your local utility to track how much solar electricity you use and produce.  (Timing 3-6 weeks)
Power Up & Start Saving - Once we are given the permission to operate from the utility company, we are ready to flip the switch and start generating clean energy right from your home.  

Fulfillment Partners

When you have questions about solar energy and need professionals to help, that's where Flockgen comes in.  Rex Roofing Co Of Stamford, Inc has partnered with Flockgen to bring you the best connection to solar energy installers in the Stamford, CT area.  We are proud to be able to provide this added service to you with our partnerships.  

To learn more about solar energy and how we can get you into contact with experienced installers, fill out the form here.

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